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There are already 23 factions within Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, but the introduction of new ones bring greater gameplay and team composition options. That’s why I would love to inspire you (and perhaps the developers) with some factions that could or should be introduced into the game.


The first and most frequently requested faction is the “Pirates” – mostly down to their association with a certain gregarious and morally-grey fan-favourite character. Undoubtedly, the first name that comes to mind for most star wars fans is “Hondo Ohnaka” . Having Hondo in game would open up the potential for him to be surrounded by his “Ohnaka Gang” which could use some suitably underhanded tactics, with the potential for a thematic linking ability (like BH contracts or solo Prepared mechanics). They could even have a ‘speeder’ pirate. One of the cool things about them is that they have the potential to be a neutral faction since they don’t follow dark/light side categorisation. “As long as it is profitable”. So they would be the only team that can be used for both dark and light side TB’s.

Hondo Ohnaka’s Gang


Our beloved friends from Kashyyyk! How terrifying would it be for an opponent to see a full Wookiee lineup with synergy between them all? With all the versions of Chewbacca in game, along with Zaalbar, there are already enough characters to put 5 Wookies out, but they lack synergy. Perhaps Tarfful, a male Wookiee chieftain and general who helped defend his planet during the Clone Wars, could add this as a leader. Gungi, the padawan from Star Wars Rebels, could be involved too. Zaalbar could be the tank. Having the option to put them together under a thematic leadership could make this faction a force to be reckoned with; they could be tough to take down and enrage when they are low and when a teammate dies.

Hutt Clan

I know… they wouldn’t fit onto our phone screens, but hell they would be so nice to have in the game. Jabba and Ziro the Hutt are for sure the most popular ones, but It would be easy to have multiple of Hutts in the game. The Hutt clan would be garbage by themselves, but when fit into other teams, they could be seriously supportive. Bringing stronger synergies between disparate scum characters and really diversifying the possible combinations with Bounty Hunters, Scoundrels and select other characters, Hutts could introduce or expand mechanics and create really interesting gameplay styles.


Like Wookies, there are already a lot of Twi’leks made it into the game, but there is no synergy between them. They always have been fierce warriors, so I feel like they deserve some faction love in this fighting based game. All we need is a Twi’lek leader to lead characters like Aayla, Mission Vao and Hera Syndulla. Hera’s father, Cham Syndulla, could potentially fit that role. A revolutionary leader during the Clone Wars and the early days of the rebellion against the Galactic Empire, he could have a kit entirely focused around turning the existing Twi’lek characters into a niche team. It’s a perfect match for this task!


A divisive one for some fans but you cannot deny the impact of Jar Jar Binks on the series! As a character, he could have high synergy with Padmé and fit right into her team. There are many potentials for his kit but he could be made as a character with only one ability in battle, which would function as a randomiser. That randomiser could pick one of his five actual character abilities, which could be a total disaster or a totally OP one. What could you ask more from this clumsy but integral character?

Of course a whole team of Gungans could be developed as well. Boss Lyonie or Boss Nass could function as a leader(who wouldn’t want to hear Brian Blessed’s thunderous tones rendered in game). Jar Jar would be the (unpredictable) support, a Gungan Guard as tank, with Rish Loo and and the honourable and formidable Roos Tarpals filling out the roster as attackers.


What is it with you Mandolorians, never knowing how to solve anything, expect through the end of a blaster?

Kanan Jarris

Exactly what we need in this game! Mandalorians might not feature hugely in the films but their impact is felt throughout the series. A Deathwatch faction under Pre Vizla lead; super commando’s under a new Maul’s lead; even Dutchess Satine Kryze who could synergise well with select Galactic Republic characters (but mostly with Kenobi, of course). This faction may well already be coming out with the Disney+ series: The Mandalorian.

Crimson Dawn

Some of the best characters from the Solo movie haven’t been brought to the table yet. Dryden Vos would obviously fit with the Crimson Dawn faction, but characters such as Tobias Beckett, Val and Rio Durant could be added in with both Crimson Dawn and Prepared synergy . The Crimson Dawn faction, as a criminal organisation, could be led by Vos or (robo-leg) Maul. Having Young Lando, Vandor Chewbacca and Young Han already in the game would make it easy to form a mercenary synergy team. There could even be the potential for a new Maul or Vos to have an ability which also grants the selected character the Crimson Dawn tag temporarily, representing them blackmailing or threatening people to work for their cause.

There is still so much potential to be had in this mobile game, so I hope that we will see some of these factions entering the game in the future. Hope you liked the article! Keep an eye out for new articles on this site and don’t be afraid to suggest other factions I didn’t mention.


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