The Valley of Extinction

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“You must enter the Valley of Extinction. Pass through without emotion, without attachment. For you will see all our faces there, and they will seduce you.” In order to master the force, you must enter the Valley of Extinction (VoE).

Our guild (your future home) is a fast-growing dedicated family that has been running since launch of SWGOH. Because we are a family, we understand life happens and life always comes first. Even so, we are competitive and dedicated in all our activities. We are a mature guild seeking new recruits working to help strengthen themselves and the guild mutually. We provide a balanced gameplay for relaxed and focused veterans. We have players from all over the world including North and South America, the United Kingdom and China. Our leadership works to provide individual and team-based mentoring, game strategy and theory crafting. We are very well structured, provide TB/TW instructions, chat daily on Discord and participate in all guild activities daily. The Valley of Extinction is also a proud member of Boba’s Alliance which further embodies the VoE’s guild principles. Working together, we welcome all SWGOH players wherever you are in your journey, come join us and learn to master the force.

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