Rey’s Elites

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  • Leader: Minichedda
  • Officers: Fido Frenchie, Tarantio, Bonden Vhi’torr, Gungan, DGiant2000, Selenial
  • Members: Mature, pragmatic, team players, helpful, community centric
  • Very friendly English-speaking guild, players from NZ, AUS, GB, US, CAN, EU
  • Mature leadership that help members maintain a balanced and fun game play
  • Detailed TW, TB planning and performance monitoring to maintain success
  • Help with Mods, Farming, Game Strategy and much more
  • Discord 


Reys Elites is a growing and well-structured, well planned and stable guild community. With a mature leadership, a pragmatic game play approach and a solid focus on community performance, Reys Elites provides a balance that helps individual game player develop their rosters while benefitting in guild events. Blessed with a multi-national player base, Reys Elites attracts theory crafters, game strategist and fans of the SWGOH franchise where all members remain respectful and generous to one another to ensure fun of the game is first and foremost. The Leadership team welcome all players of SWGOH to share in our journey, be part of the fun and continue to build success in the game and wider game community through our alliance with Boba’s Alliance.

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