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When Darth Malak got released and the community was upset about the short notice of the event, and super high requirements to get him, CG spoke about these characters being for the tip of the spear, the group of people that spend a lot of money to get him.

This guide will be about learning how you can manage your resources so well that you will be right up there. Players at the top who want to spend less or become F2P, should be able to apply this right away. Players who take lower ranks or are new to the game, will need to take a bit of a longer route, but will be able to do better if you apply this guide. In general this guide is aimed at experienced players with a lot of high geared characters.

This playstyle will not be for everyone, and the way CG is throwing curveballs you might not always get a character the first time around, but it should make you a lot more succesful.

tl;dr version: Keep playing the way you have been. Because there is no short version here.

Resource management

Pretty much everything in this game is a resource, all the shop currencies, ability materials, credits, gear and of course the almighty crystals. Knowing when to spend these and to save these, can be tricky. Hoarding everything will not work, using them right away also doesn’t work. It’s somewhere in between.

So there are 3 main reasons why you should spend your resources. For your (fleet) arena team (assuming you will take top 5 with it), TW/GAC and TB. This sounds fairly obvious, and it is, but there is a long game here.

Lets start with Arena. I constantly hear about people chasing the meta, if there is 1 thing you should never do, is chase the meta. If you chase the meta, you will always be behind. Instead you should prepare for the next meta. If you have the new meta team very early, you will be able to use that team for months, take top spots and save up resources. If you instead been gearing up the previous meta team, you will again be behind, struggle to take top spots, and be behind yet again.

So your arena teams are your bread and butter, not only will they get you loads of crystals, but they are also top teams for other modes.

Then we have TW and GAC, these modes require a lot of teams to work. Unless you spend, you will find it’s hard to work on non-arena teams. So when should you work on a team? The answer is simple. Never.

No that doesn’t mean you should never gear a non-arena team, but working on a team means you are slowly investing resources in a team that will eventually become good in these modes. This will often end up in wasted resources. Either you ‘finish’ a team in 1 go, or you leave them as low as possible (locked characters are fine since they give you a lower GP which helps in TW match ups). Outside of a few rare instances, characters under G12 are useless, and are gonna be push overs, and spending gear on them will be a waste until you can get a G12+ team going.

This still doesn’t mean that the second you can G12 out a team, that you should pull the trigger, you still want to think about what else is needed in the near future. Every 3-6 months or so a new team will be the king of arena, so if you’ve been using yours for 2-3 months, you need to think about what you will need for that next team. Hint: Tons of resources.

And then there is TB, TB requires some specific teams, some being very important, others less. In LS Hoth several characters are needed, and 2 teams, Phoenix and Rogue 1. While the guild appreciates it if you get 6/6 on those fights, it doesn’t mean you should gear them up to get to that point. Why? Because while those points are relevant, there are much stronger teams to gear up. Your guild will eventually benefit more from you taking top arena spots, and/or winning your GA’s.
That is however not the same as when you need a certain team to unlock a character. Depending on the importance of that character, it can definitely be important to work on those teams.

Now that you know when you can spend your resources, I want to talk about 1 specific resource, which are crystals. Crystals allows you to make up for pretty much everything you are missing, the problem is of course getting them. Outside of spending money, it can take a long time to get a good chunk of them. While gearing a character/team it’s very tempting to use your crystals to finish a character, but if you want to be the tip of the spear, you need to fight that urge. You need to accept that even though you are only missing 1 1400 crystal piece to finish that character, that you will get that piece finished in a few days with resources that are less important to use.

To be the tip of the spear, it means you have to be able to spend the kind of crystals that a whale does, you are basically constantly saving up to get the next meta character(s).

General Tips

While I could write a lot more about resource management, it’s already quite a read, so I will just move on to practical tips.

  • Ability Materials: Keep ability materials on hand. A single fleet commander ship will need about 2k Prestige, you can buy 10 per refresh in the Squad Arena store. If you are able to grab all 40 per day, and get some from other places, you are still looking at 1,5 month to get them. So get 2k saved up. (Ship) Omegas and Zetas are super important to save up as well. So always think long and hard if a character really needs them. Zeta wise I try to keep at least 3 on hand, spending them only on very vital abilities (game changers, or arena team)
  • Credits: Keep at least like 20 mill credits on hand, a character cost about 6 mill to level them to 85, so if a new team drops, you will be needing those credits. Also you always want to have credits for solid mods. Depending on your need for (specific) mods and the amount of credits you have, you will have to make choice on which mods you buy. With Fleet credits I like to aim at around 10 mill, more if you expect new ships to come.
    Also don’t star up or level a character that you are not going to use. Those credits are better spend elsewhere.
  • Gearing: I already touched on this before, but again do not gear characters unless you can ‘finish’ them. There are exceptions where a lower gear level can still very much work (think Hermit Yoda for example), but in general, you need them at least G12. Remember that 3 G10 teams take about the same amount of gear, and even more ability materials, credits etc than 2 G12 teams, and while those 3 G10 teams will be fairly useless, those 2 G12 teams will not.
  • Refreshes: Always do your triple regular refresh, this is the best use of your crystals by far. Also keeps your guild from getting pissed off about not getting your 600. 😉
  • Buying shards: Packs are not worth it. To get a marquee character to 7 stars, you will need about 45k crystals, I would highly recommend using the character either at 3 stars, or not at all and use your ‘old’ arena team. Once the shards hit shipments, it will still cost 22k crystals to 7*, so unless the character is an absolute game changer, I don’t believe that’s worth it either.
  • Information: So a new character came out and will be the new meta, you have to jump on that right away, right? Nope. Just give it a few days. Other people and those with test accounts, will be trying these characters out and you will know soon enough how strong they will be. CG is definitely known for throwing out ‘weaker’ characters to get everyone to use up their resources, only to release that meta changer shortly after, so that people don’t have the resources to gear them up anymore. The same goes for when like a new TB comes out, and certain characters/teams are rumoured. Just wait until those rumours become facts.

Final thoughts

Being a tip of the spear player, without spending, isn’t the most exciting way to play. The game dictates who you gear, and that won’t always be your favourite characters. You can’t be the first person on your shard to get the new team going, and you will constantly have to resist spending your resources. Even if you go this way, you still might miss meta characters. CG is constantly making it harder to get top arena teams going without spending, if that happens, don’t chase the meta but prepare for the next one. In the mean time you might have to put in a little more effort to take a top spot.

If you have questions, feel free to tag me with @NeroonΩ on the Boba’s Alliance Discord server. I prefer to answer questions publicly, that way more people can benefit from the information.

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