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 Mod Breakdown

Mod type/”set” 

– Health, Defense, Crit Chance, Crit Damage, Tenacity, Potency, Offense, Speed
Mod Primary       
– SQUARE/Offense,  
– DIAMOND/Defense,  CIRCLE/Health/Protection
– CROSS/ Health, Protection, Potency, Tenacity, Offense, Defense                   
– TRIANGLE/ Health, Protection, Crit Chance, Crit Damage, Offense, Defense
–  ARROW/Health, Protection, Speed, Crit Avoidance, Accuracy, Offense, Defense
Mod Secondary 
– Speed, Offense, %Offense, Defense, %Defense, Protection, %Protection, Health,  %Health,  %Potency, %Tenacity, %Crit Chance       

What Makes a Good Mod?

HOW FAR TO OPEN – Mods can be expensive. Opening Mods to level 9 shows you a lot about a mod,               and saves you cash. 

WHAT AM I LOOKING FOR? – Secondary speed, Flat numbers, High % Numbers (above 4%) (So mods with speed+one or two solid flat numbers, or high percentage numbers)  

RULE OF 5 – *This relates to speed*  Every Color can roll 5 speed.(Actually 6 but this is RARE) Knowing this, we can optimize the mods you slice or power up. Grey=5, Green=10, Blue=15, Purple=20, Gold=25

PRIMARY/SECONDARY – “Flat” Secondary numbers go on last. %Primaries are added to base stats.

 %Offense Primary, you are looking for %offense in a secondary to add to the base offense stat. If you use an %Offense primary for an arrow, triangle or cross (to boost attack) then you will want to find mods with high flat offense numbers. 100-200+ is the goal for a secondary in ALL 6 Mods. This will boost your final offense number.

This works the same for any “Primary” stat you pick, Be it health, protection, defense or offense as shown above. 

Which Do I Save / Slice?

In order to optimize your mods when you slice, there are a couple simple things to look for.
You are looking for 2 or 3 secondary stats that are desirable, plus speed.

 This is where the “Rule of 5” comes in. When slicing a mod, I personally use the Ro5 as a guide, however for me, grey=4, green=5, blue=8, purple=14, gold=18. 

Following this I have been able to speed my roster up significantly. If a mod does not meet or exceed the speed benchmark, I suggest you do not slice it. The exceptions being a mod with other high stats (see below)

There are other “benchmarks” to look for in a mod besides speed.

Flat numbers. (2k+ Protection) (1500+ Health) (100+ Offense) (30+Defense) 

 Percentages. (Percentages over 4%. This applies to Potency, Tenacity, Offense, Defense, Health, Protection, Crit Chance)

Mod Sets 

WHAT SET DO I USE ON MY TOON? – *Read each toons full abilities*  

 Leaders also have passive/unique abilities that mods can help team wide.

 Each toon has  a specific skill set that mods can enhance. They can also be used to boost low stats a toon may naturally have.

-Tanks- protection, defense, crit avoidance, health, speed

-Attackers- speed, offense, crit damage

-Healers- speed, health, protection
-Support- speed, protection, health

DO I NEED TO MATCH MOD SETS? – Yes. This is a free way to boost stats.


WHAT DO MOD SETS DO? – 2 Health – 10% Health

  •   2 Defense – +25% Defense
  •  4 Crit Damage – +30% CD
  •  2 Crit Chance – +8% CC
  •  2 Tenacity – +20% Tenacity
  •  4 Offense – + 15% Offense
  •  2 Potency – +15% Potency
  •  4 Speed – +10% of base speed

SECONDARY – Speed is Key. **One secondary stat should be speed**. “Flat” Secondary numbers boost final numbers. Percentages boost base stats..

 This will hold true for all 6 mods you put on a toon. Be it health, protection, defense or offense. It will also help the mod “set” you use. Try to find a flat number (for final numbers) or high percentage (to add to base stats) in the secondary numbers to help boost the “set” you use. If you wish to boost health, look for a secondary with high health percentage in all 6 mods you place, no matter the type of “set”/mod it is. 6 health mods gives an additional 30% health boost. 


  • ARROW – Speed (you will not get secondary speed), also (tank) crit avoidance/protection/health/defense or (atkr) offense/accuracy
  • TRIANGLE – (tank) protection/health/defense (atkr) CC/CD/offense/health/protection
  • CROSS – Potency (Place DoT), Tenacity (Resist DoT), Defense, Offense, Protection, Health 

The right side is what allows a player to optimize their toon by going either for attack, defense, health or protection. Also used to boost potency, tenacity (cross) or Crit Chance, Crit Damage (triangle) or Crit Avoidance, Accuracy (arrow) if a toon’s passive requires it. 


  • SQUARE – Offense
  • DIAMOND – Defense
  • CIRCLE – Protection / Health
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