Kyber Force Black

Published by Jonnah on

Our core group has been together almost since guilds began. We like to consider ourselves Hardcore Casual, we do our 600 every day, and we expect everyone to Clare 4 squads and one fleet cleanly in TW. But we are casual in that you can sit out if you want from TW. TB we expect you to do your part and do it early. But we won’t berate you to spend. Just don’t tell me you were farming Pao instead of B1.

And if you don’t know what to say to us, try “fuck off” in our group it means congratulations as well as you screwed up, it’s versatile just like us.

OFFICERS: DrSheSith, Falcor, hegotgame, hasta, ashe, obiwanshinobi, revanche, victavious, pauleo

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