How to reach Kyber League

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Optimizing Points
Trap Teams
General Tips

GAC is the biggest test to your strategy and roster. The majority of your geared characters are needed, and how you end your battles is very important. In this guide I want to focus on 4 areas. Matchmaking, Gearing, Optimizing points, and Trap teams.


Before you can really understand GAC, you need to understand how matchmaking works.Divisions are based on your total GP. Your division decides 3 things, your rewards, how many teams can be set, and how many characters your matchmaking is based on.

That last part is important, because while you will always face someone in your own division, it’s the top part of your roster that decides who you get matched with. Example: I’m in Division 1, matchmaking is likely based on my top 80 characters, so that means my 80 characters are added up GP wise, and I will face others with a very close GP for their top 80 as well.

This can create uneven matches, for example if someone had 60 G12+ and the next 20 average around G7, this would really lower the total GP, and would likely result into facing someone with 80 characters around G10/11, that would really struggle.What could also happen is that you have around 80 G12, but your opponent has well over 100 characters, because it doesn’t count characters after the cut off.


This brings us to gearing. With gearing you influence your matchmaking, if done in the right way, you can give yourself much better match ups. Before going in depth, I wanted to put out these numbers for 4 different gear levels. These numbers are based on a 4 skill character with maxed abilities of which 1 is a zeta. G11 and G12 have no added pieces. All mods were MK5.

G11: 18450
G12: 19800
G13: 21174
R3: 23589
R7: 29077

So you might wonder why this is so relevant. It’s relevant because while a gear level adds about 1350-1400 points, relics add a lot more.
To give you a small example:
2x R7’s, 2x G12 and 2x G11 = 134,654 GP
1x R7 and 5x G13 = 134,947
3x R3 and 3x G13 = 134,289

Now when you see your matchmaking and notice a 500k GP difference, you might think that 8k GP difference doesn’t make much of a difference, but that’s because that number is completely ignored. It’s all about the top end of your roster, and even a 1000 GP will change your matchmaking with a different group.

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So when you gear up, you want to look at how effective a character is for the GP it has. Some characters absolutely need high relics to become really effective, while others gain way too much GP compared to their increased effectiveness. The ideal roster would therefor be all G13 with a bunch of key characters at R7.

So when you G13 someone, ask yourself if those cheap first few relic levels, are actually helping you win your GAC’s, or are just making them harder.

Lastly I want to note, that you should never try to stay in a lower division. Yes you might see more teams on the battlefield, but that goes for both of you, and the way matchmaking is designed, your opponents will be the same on average, all the while you will get better rewards.

Optimizing Points

If you fight a lot of GAC’s where the battlefield doesn’t get cleared, you probably won’t care as much about optimizing points. But when you got to that stage that both clear, you will find yourself in very close matches, where even a single point can make the difference.

The key is to use the right teams. On offense you want teams that can regenerate health and protection, for example JTR with BB8 and Finn can heal you up really quickly, it’s also a great team to stall for time, giving you enough turns to heal up. So when you have a hard match up, always think about what kind of score you can get.

On defense it becomes a lot more interesting. Of course you want to make the opponent trip up and lose a battle, but let’s assume they won’t. All the sudden every point lost on health and protection, becomes very valuable.

The easiest way to accomplish this, is to have fast teams, with aoe’s, bonus turns and counters.For example: 1 of my favourite filler teams, was a Lando lead with Wedge, Biggs, Chirrut and Baze. Lando would give more speed, Biggs would gain bonus turns, Chirrut and Baze would counter, and Lando, Wedge and Baze would aoe. Simply put, if you don’t regenerate protection, you will lose 5 points fighting them.

So think about which teams will be good for points, a GG Nuke team will cost you a lot of points, whereas killing a Sep Droid team lead by GG, is very hard to kill without losing a lot of points.

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Trap Teams

When you encounter a high relic Sith Empire team, you will never underestimate them, depending on your counter, you will probably scout their speed, and you will use a team of which you know it will be able to beat it. Sure losses happen, but not because you got caught off guard.

A trap team is a team that will catch people off guard. Trap teams will not be the strongest and not the highest geared teams. They will be teams that are usually just filler teams. C teams that you don’t want to keep on offense, so you place them as to not give them a free pass. Any good player will try to use their weakest team, that still reliably beats it.

The goal for these type of teams, to make them exceptionally well, give them super solid mods, high speeds, good sets and potency/tenacity on the right characters. Make the opponent expect a mediocre team that doesn’t need to be checked, but all the while they are way stronger then they look.

General Tips

  • Always try to fight second. Yes if you attack first you force your opponent to take risks to beat your score, but at the same time if you fail to get a super solid clear, they will know they need to take no risks. But more importantly, the way someone clears, gives you information on what they had to use. If they cleared your strong defense, then there are probably not that many strong teams waiting for you in the back wall.
  • Scout your opponents earlier matches, you can view them on their, it can give you some important insights.
  • Scout the speed on certain characters. There are strong counters to teams that only work when they outspeed you, this can help you change your battleplan.
  • Never place 1 weak character in a team, a team such as Imperial Troopers will destroy it with max banners.
  • Always clear 1 front zone at a time, with ships always start with the front zone that is in front of the ground zone. You always want as much information as possible with the least attacks.
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