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Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi! You are my only hope.” – Princess Leia

The Star Wars universe is full of helpful characters.  We all want to be like Han and Chewbacca, coming back into the battle to surprise Vader, attacking straight out of the sun.  Ya-hoo!  But how can we channel these altruistic instincts into a mobile casino game that tends to compartmentalize players into small and lonely boxes?  One solid path I discovered was the Band Of Brothers And Sisters: BOBA’S Alliance.  This article is designed to present three starting points for how to help one another in the game.  Hopefully this will help to spark even better techniques and ideas for the future.

The first suggestion in a nutshell is to tap the icon next to the names in game-chat and then view inventory so you have an idea where each guild member is at with regards to inventory development.  Failing this, or if nobody talks in game chat, go to the guild table some time when you have got a minute. Manage, and sort by arena power and start stalking your guild mates’ profiles, inventory, etc.. This is how we get to know people in the game.

I mean, the main way we can help one another is with conversations and advice. Generally this might be categorized as farming advice, tactical advice, and specific counters. So my tip about viewing the other person’s inventory works for all three types of advice. For example: If someone would like to know how to counter nightsisters? It helps to look at their inventory first. They might have the perfect counter available but the team doesn’t have the right mods. You can then give him the advice to remod the team.

The inventory is like your fingerprint in the game in my opinion. It shows the characters you like or who you see as more important. Those would be the ones you have raised gear and mods for. That different inventory development is how our personality comes through and our different play styles.  Getting to know your guild mates a little more personally in this way makes helping more natural, as affinity always grows from knowledge of the other person’s preferences.

The second way to help guild members is by setting a good leader for Ally mode light, dark side and cantina battles. Your in-game friends can borrow this character for their own light, dark and cantina battles.  I definitely got a boost at lower levels because I had a couple allies with amazing maxed out characters as leaders. They could solo an entire battle or galvanize a faction and transform their abilities.  A good example would be adding Ackbar leadership to a Phoenix squadron team.  They act different and win much more easily.

Since my account is now at high level and I have completed all light and dark side battles, I personally will switch my light side leader around every week or so, hoping that my lower level allies will benefit from the variety.  Sometimes I even set non-leader helpers in that leader slot.  For example, my reliced 4 Chewbacca.  It can be fun for a lower level ally to borrow a character like that.

And remember, every time I borrow my ally’s character, it sends them double ally points.

In theory if each of us had 50 allies that are all BOBA’S Alliance members, then every action we take in the game would send ally points and thereby help our alliance get stronger. This does of course not apply to simmed missions.

The third way to help one another is by strategic gear donations.  I like the idea of calling out specific requests in chat when a gear request is made. “This is for Yoda…”  Then people who love Yoda feel better about donating.  One time, when we noticed as a guild four or five people unlocked Darth Revan at once, we decided to 100% fill all gear donation requests for those people every day for a week.  So these are ways to make this donation mechanic more interesting and personal.

Overall, these three ideas about helping one another are just the start.  I wonder what other ways can we come up with to help each other in the game.  Anyway, this is part of our identity as a Band Of Brothers And Sisters.  The ethos that we will help one another is deeply set.  I crave the expansion of this discussion into other game modes, such as Territory Battles, Raids, Territory Wars.  Let’s continue the discussion.  And stay tuned for more, from BOBA’S Alliance.


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