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You have probably seen the name of this bot by now but there have been alot of questions about what this bot actually does and how it could help improvein your own game and your guild’s. In this article I am going to explain hotbot’s subscriptions, it’s biggest perks and how you could use it in your benefit. 

What is Hotbot? 

In short Hotbot is a tool which uses in-game information by logging in to your account to provide you with the best possible and live information on everything, from teams to mods to (guild)opponents.
Using this in-game information it also gives options to check for example who in your guild is missing tickets for the daily 600 or hasn’t signed up for a raid. The bot makes note of this and can notify your guildmembers for you. You can imagine this saves up ALOT of time and stress on your officers. 

A question you hear alot: Isn’t this kind of bot against the terms of service by CG?  The answer to that isn’t that simple, however the creator of hotbot is in contact with CG so that they are aware that the bot is not used to play the game for you.


Hotbot currently has 4 paid subscription levels, each adding extra perks to the previous level.

Chery 5$ : The first tier of hotbot gives you some personal perks like a restriction free personal (GA) compare and profile checks.

Chile 10$: This tier will give you the option for ticket / raid checks for your guild. Another big perk with this tier is the mod manager and it’s grand ivory integration. This makes your modding a million times simpler

Jalapeno 20$: This tier will give you the functionality to do template checks on your guild. You also get the option to do a full csv export of your guild units/rosters and use the faceoff command.

Habenero 40$:  The top tier gives you a lot of extra TB / TW functionality for you guild.  And did you know you could get a free habenero for your guild if you get 4 chile members sign up? That might be worth it for you if you’re close.

Functionality personal use

Mod manager

1 of the biggest personal perks of hotbot is that it has a mod manager in a web interface.  It gives you the ability to filter mods in a way easier way compared to how it goes in-game and it also gives the ability to mass-upgrade or sell.  

Below you can see examples of the mod manager in action

Grand Ivory integration

The bot offers functionality to use the grand ivory website to optimize your mods for you. You set templates with stat weights so if you want a very speedy DR you would give that stat a weight of 100. The bot would optimize it so that this character would get the best speed mods currently in your mod inventory. Below you find a couple of screenshots that show how this works.

As you can see the integration pulls all the mods from your roster.
You can set the weight of the stats for the template you will use to optimize the mods for a specific character
Select all the characters you want to optimize the mods for, select the templates and press "Optimize my mods!" to let the bot do it's magic


This functionality kind of speaks for itself I guess and there are other bots who give similar functionality. I would say hotbot is an advanced version from the ones you have seen. You have alot of control on what you want to compare. Are it certain characters you want to compare for example? Just tell the bot! It also has a very useful GAC compare functionality where you get details on all 6 of your GAC components in 1 convenient image. I’ll put mine down as an example.

Functionality Guild use

Ticket/Raid check/notify

This functionality is a godsend I feel like for just about every guild there is. What it does is that it logs in to your game to check out if everyone has done their daily 600’s or if everyone has joined the open raids. You can set it to do this whenever you want. For example you could set a check and notify(By PM over discord) 1 hour before reset and set a last so called TicketRecord 5 minutes before reset which records how many tickets were missed and if there were people who have missed tickets multiple times in a row.  For raids it does kind of the same, it checks who has joined and pm’s everyone who hasn’t. 

Guild templates

The bot also has the functionality to quickly visualise who in your guild has a certain team ready. You can set the requirements of that team completely to your own wishes so if you want everyone to have a DR on >300 speed and with a lead zeta you can enter those as requirements and the bot will tell you which players pass these requirements and which players fail them. This makes work as an officer a hell-of-a-lot easier if you are looking to do some roster reviews. If you update the guild information it will the information from ingame so you would always have the most live data available. With GAS coming out I wanted to know how many unlocked him and I wanted up-to-date information on that. So I set a requirement gas(stars)>4 and did a guildtest on that.

TB Tools

The hotbot habenero tier offers a couple of tools to enhance your TB experience. You can get the current status of the TB and it would give information like on the screenshot below

The bot can also check who has done the special mission during a phase and pm the people who have not. This without having to login to your game yourself. The bot does it for you.

Every guild has trouble keeping track on who has deployed what. The bot has a function to extract that data from the game and show you exactly what is left to be deployed.

TW Tools
The bot has the functionality to enhance your TW experience by quite a bit. With the earlier mentioned guild templates it gets easier to see who has what team ready and who should set what on defense. 

The bot offers a status report on the current battle with exact numbers of what amount of maximum banners you and your opponent could potentially gain. Below a screenshot of this in action:

For the somewhat more TW focussed guilds there is also functionality to record every attack that a member does. This is a bit more of a manual process but could be very rewarding if you want to know where the bottlenecks in your guild is efficiency wise.

On the website you get a interface where you can view your current TW status and also the history of earlier fought battles.  Below some screenshots on this in action .

Boba’s and Hotbot
Due to a good partnership with Hotsauce, the creator of hotbot, guilds / members of Boba’s Alliance get a discount on using HotBot. More information on this Alliance Discount can be acquired by pm-ing Prim on discord

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