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To start this off, I’ll mention that I consider myself completely free to play. I started playing in March 2017 and spent $35 over the course of a few months, and nothing since then. A whole $35 doesn’t go very far sadly, especially when it was over two years ago, so for that reason I consider myself f2p. Another thing to note, this guide won’t be very useful for new players, but going forward it might not be a bad thing to have in the back of your head. Now on to the wall of text!

Some of my largest achievements in this game have been first time unlocks of characters, and hopefully I can help out some people going forward with some advice. It’s not for everyone and it takes a lot of effort and willpower to do what I do, but it’s entirely possible to be extremely competitive at the top end as f2p. My first time legendary/epic confrontation unlocks have been: Thrawn, Chewy, C3PO, Padme, Darth Revan, Malak, and most recently, General Skywalker. As f2p, you’re obviously very limited with what you can and can’t gear and takes a strong willpower alongside tons of planning (spreadsheets anyone?) to get new characters on their first release. I even had 100k GET saved for Malak’s release and immediately g12ed him, it was awesome. Unfortunately this time around I had 100k GET again, then spent it all when GET2 came out so I couldn’t 7* GAS, whoops. Anyways, let’s get to it.

Crystal Income. Obviously, you need crystals to do anything in this game. I do 3x normal, 3x cantina, and 3x mod refreshes a day alongside any hard nodes I am farming. If I have to, I will cut back on cantina farms to conserve crystals. It’s much easier said than done, but for this to work you absolutely must place at the top in both regular and fleet arena. If you don’t, then this guide unfortunately might not be much use to you. Climbing can be rough, it sucks. I was in the 200s or higher up until I finally got Traya, that’s when I was climbing higher and higher until I could eventually place at or near the top and got invited into my shard chat which I’ve remained in. If you spend the crystals I mentioned above and take into account ~125/day in arena refreshes and ~25/day in hard node refreshes, then you’ll be getting ~1000 crystals a day, giving you a total net income of ~250 crystals/day, or ~7500/mo. This doesn’t seem like much, but we’re playing the long game here as it’s our best option as f2p, which leads me to…

Hoarding. Hoard, hoard, and hoard more. Do people tell you that hoarding is hurting your guild? Straight up, they are wrong, don’t listen to them. It might hurt a bit in the short-term, but in the long run when you’re playing with your new shiny character while some of your fellow guildmates probably missed it you will definitely have the last laugh. People really like to look down on hoarding, but it’s absolutely vital to being successful. The main goal here is to not go into it with the mindset of gearing individual characters, that rarely helps you outside of special characters that stand out very well on their own (Hyoda, Wampa, Thrawn, Nest…). No, your goal here is to gear teams. When you want to spend gear, take a look at swgoh.gg and write down every piece of gear that is needed from every character in the team. If you don’t have the gear to bring everybody to g11 at bare minimum, do not spend the gear, at all, none of it. Keep saving, preferrably until you can bring absolutely everyone in the team to g12, but g11 is alright since they are somewhat useable.

If you gear up characters as you get them there is a very high chance you will miss something important. What happens when a new event drops and you just spent all of your gear on something? You’re screwed and now have to wait another 3-6 months for the event to come back. Also there’s not much of a point to gearing faction-based characters by themselves. What good is a new shiny g12 General Greivous going to do for you if you don’t have more separatist droids? Simply put, just look at what gear you need, add up your gear, and if the math works out then spend the gear if the team is a good long-term investment. When gearing characters for an event, gear to the bare minimum. If you win, awesome! If you don’t win, add a few pieces and try again. This takes time, but again, we’re in it for the long run here and anything wasted can be devastating. Here is a link to my gear stash prior to the GAS event: https://imgur.com/a/zyxqW8s. This is not the biggest gear stash I’ve had, but it was a lot of gear, and it wasn’t even enough to get everything I needed, not by a long shot, which brings me to my next point…

Hoard more than gear, hoard crystals like your life depends on it. Amass a fortune, it will be your friend in dark times. My personal goal is to maintain ~50k crystals as this is a large enough stash to be able to panic buy just about anything you need with short notice. You have no idea when something is going to drop and you aren’t totally prepared. Even thinking ahead you can be caught off guard and miss something, a large crystal reserve can help alleviate that from happening. When GAS released, I had ~55k crystals and spent ~25k, primarily on Kryotechs and some other commonly needed gear. I would wait until I hit 50k or so, then buy the kryotechs to gear someone to g13. Save to 50k, gear someone else to g13, repeat. This ensured I was still making progress on my roster while not falling behind on crystals. This can be tricky when you’re playing catch up or have just spent a bunch which is the situation I’m in now. Due to this, I’m gearing less characters than normal trying to go back up to 50k. That 50k magic number might not work for you and that’s ok, do what you think is a good number for yourself.

Hoarding zetas is similar. Unless it’s a key zeta on a good team that you can use immediately, it’s generally not worth it to spend them. Getting “nice to have” zetas sometimes just isn’t worth it either, use your own judgement here. Play it safe and try to keep at bare minimum 100 zeta mats on you so you can zeta a fair amount of an entire team at once. The most I’ve personally ever had was 290 which was right before Darth Revan, and I spent 11 entire zetas in a day to get him and the zetas for the team. In this specific case, I didn’t have any gear or zetas on any of my old republic non-jedi. I took them up to where they needed to be, zetaed them all, got DR, geared DR, geared the team, zetaed the team, and there we go I had the next meta instantly. If I didn’t have that gear and those zetas in reserve I would have totally missed the event as there’s better teams than old republic to gear, but I had it saved for what was necessary.

Mods mods mods…yeah, these suck. No one likes mod farming. It’s total rng. You might get some amazing rolls, you might go an entire month without a single mod you can use. My only advice here is just to farm what you need. I generally farm slicing mats for a few weeks, swap to mods, then swap back to slicing mats when I run out, but do what works for you here as this can vary greatly from person to person. Get familiar with mod stats, sets, and learn how to use them effictively. They will carry you in events due to lack of gear.

Stores: Know what to buy. Buy the highest crystal costing items in the guild token store and shard store instead of cheap things you can buy for crystals like eyeballs or mk3 holos, save those for crystals purchases if you need the gear.

Raids: Win, I don’t know what else to say here, place as high as possible every time. I joined a lower-tier guild prior to my current one just because I wouldn’t be able to place top 10 in HSTR. If you can’t place top 10 HSTR then either gear up so you can, figure out a new strategy, or find a new guild where you can do it. A ton of your gear comes from this so do not neglect it.

GAC: Again, I don’t know what else to say, the gear adds up, just do your best to win. The gear/slicing mats/zetas really add up, don’t neglect it like some people do.

I’m not really sure what else to say, but hopefully this might help some people out down the road thinking that being competitive isn’t possible as f2p, because I can tell you that it is. I’m on a very competitive arena shard, we fall into the 40s-60s constantly with reliced out teams of DR + Malak and god tier mods, prior to DR we would fall to 100 with JKR at 330 speed, it was insane. So If i can do it, so can you :-).

Written by RoughRaptors

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