Corona and Boba’s

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CoViD-19 definitely is making it’s impact on the whole world and even in our Alliance we get to experience it on a daily basis. Members having to work harder because they have essential jobs, others suddenly not having a job anymore and some even losing loved ones. We have discussed a couple of times on how to deal with this and whether/how we could play a positive part in all this. First thing and the most important thing I want to say is that we are a community and therefore are there for you if you need it. This to me means you should be able to talk if you are feeling alone because of the self isolation, if you’ve just lost someone or you think you might get in trouble financially for example. We’re Boba’s together and we all want this to be a place where you get to feel better.

I want to share a couple of tips from my own experience since I’ve dealt with self isolation before and I have had to learn the hard way. These tips worked for me, I am in no way saying they will work for you but maybe they could 🙂 Also, I’m not a doctor and I’m not trying to be.

Breakfast, most important meal of the day they say and for me it has really made a difference starting up.

– Continue your morning with a (small) workout. Personally I’ve been doing a lot of bodyweight exercises like pushups and squats but anything works tbh. After a 20 minute workout you’ll release some happy hormones which will help you get through every day easier.

Contact your loved ones and especially the elderly ones. Since in most countries you’re not able to physically make a visit you could use FaceTime or zoom for example. They don’t have a social network online to fall back on usually so any talk will make their day.

Keep news reading/viewings minimized but do fact check. There’s so much info you can easily get overloaded. The daily briefing by your government should suffice on giving you the information that has impact on you right now. There’s also a lot of information going around that just isn’t true. Read the news you trust to be true.

Social distancing has proven very effective in getting numbers down so the ICU’s don’t get overloaded. If you’re not willing to do this for yourself please try to do this for the older people you love or the people working their asses of in any “essential” job.

– Even with the lockdowns try to get a little bit of sunshine every day, in your front/back yard, from your balcony or even through your windows. The vitamins the sun provides will give you a lot of energy and they also boost your immune system. 

Use the social networks available to you. As said before, we have a huge one with this Alliance. If you need a talk, just have one in your guild, in the boba’s channels or DM someone you trust.

– Last but not least, I feel this one works for anyone willing to commit, keep a daily log with how you felt this day and note 1 thing each day you’re grateful for. There’s so much right now you can be disappointed in we tend to forget the things we do have. Gratitude keeps your mind away from that negativity.

Please try to keep your mind and body healthy for yourself and your surroundings and reach out if you need help. We’re a Band of brothers and sisters and during this time we need to be there for each other.


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