Bots on the Boba’s Discord

On this page I will give a small explaination on all of the bots installed on the Boba’s Discord. Boba’s Bot %helpBoba’s Counters >helpAP-5R Protocol Droid /helpDSR Bot ,helpEchostation eb.helpHotbot helpSaber !helpScorpio $helpSwgoh Event Bot e.helpSwgohBot  ;help Boba’s Bot Boba’s bot ( previously known as Crouching Rancor ) has a Read more…

Boba’s Payouts

Prerequisites Admin rights on the target Discord server A Facebook or GitHub account for use with Glitch An UptimeRobot account All these steps will need to be done on a computer. Set up Discord Browse to Click “Create an application” (You can set an icon and give the project a name, but it doesn’t really Read more…

Geo LSTB Platoons

Fleets Enables AbilitiesLevel 1: The allied Capital Ship gains two abilities, Assault Formation and Defensive Formation. Allied ships start in Defensive Formation. – Assault Formation: Reduce allied non-Capital ships’ cooldowns by 2 and they gain 50% Turn Meter. This ship takes a bonus turn without reducing its cooldowns. This ability starts Read more…

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