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On this page I will give a small explaination on all of the bots installed on the Boba’s Discord.

Boba’s Bot

Boba’s bot ( previously known as Crouching Rancor ) has a couple of functions which could be useful for you.  You can for example use the command below to find out what modset is recommended for jkr 

%mods jkr

Or another example is that you could do a guildreport with detailed information on your full guild  in a csv file with 


Check %help for more options

Boba’s Counters

Boba’s Counters can be used to check out which teams you can use to counter other teams. Most of the counters will show detailed tactics and videos. You can for example check the counter for JKR  with the command below


It also has reverse counters to check what a team could counter. To check out which teams padme could counter you could for example enter 


More detailed help can be found using >help

AP-5R Protocol Droid

This bot can be used to give a nice view on the details of your characters and their mods. You can for example use the command below to show the stats of your jkr by entering the command below 

/stats JKR

More functions can be found using the command /help


This bot has alot of functionality but is used most for comparing GAC and TW opponents. To do this you can register yourself using 

,register allycode 

After which you can compare using 

,ga me allycode


,tw me allycode

It also has a extensive check for the KAM mission including guides using the following command


Other commands can be found in ,help


Echobot in most cases gets used to send out orders on platoons for TB. It has a nice GUI on where you can set your orders after which it will send out the orders, even in DM if you want it to

More commands can be found in


There’s multiple guides on this bot which can be found on the page below:

It does alot, like automated ticket checks/notifies, TW/TB analyzing and mod management. 

You can request the commands you can use by entering \help


This bot is used to notify on events by people who are not hotbot patreons. You can set an event like this for example

!create #channelname HAAT 18:00

It would notify 10 minutes before and when it starts 

You can look at all of the commands using !help

A bot with a looot of functionality. I guess the function I see used most is the recommended zeta’s. You can ask for your list using the following command


You could also let it look for zeta’s needed for a specific part in the game like for example 

$z pvp

Like I said, this bot does a lot more so check out $help

SWgoh Event Bot

Nice and simple, this bot shows you when a event will occur. You can for example check the calendar for this month using the command below


For the full list of functionality use the command


This bot also has a lot of functionality. You can check your mods, zeta’s or stats. Or you could search guild characters for example by using the following command 

;guildsearch jkr 

For a complete list of option use the command ;help

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