Boba’s CR

A bot to assist in your every day Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Routine

Should you play in a guild, or trying to share your daily pvp rewards, this Discord Bot is what you need.

We will cover the features in details, but in a nutshell, you can :

  • Find some help with Territory Battle Platoons and calculate your guilds maximum achievable stars
  • Get some mods advice
  • List your Zetas
  • List your arena teammates and their respective payout time
  • Calculate raid damage in different ways
  • …and more to come

Should you need support or simply want to share ideas or speak with the community, please join the dedicated Discord Server !

Table of Content

Setting Up the Bot
Invite the bot
Link ally code to discord account
TB maximum achievable stars
TB Platoons
Mod Advisor
Raid damage converter
Zeta Report
Best path in arena
Arena payouts checker

Setting up the bot

Invite the bot

Please click here to add the bot to your server !


Here are all the permissions the bot need to work properly :

Bot answers in boxes called “embed”. To see them, you must activate “Link preview” in your client user settings

This bot is still evolving, but here’s what you can expect from it at the time of writing.

You can get help by using %help

Link ally code to discord account

A one liner, quick and easy :
%setup allyCode 123-456-789


Territory Battles : Maximum Achievable stars

You can get an overview of your guild’s GP and the maximum achievable stars [in theory, with all platoons filled and perfect combats missions for 50 players].

It also shows for each phase, what star to focus on.
Update to be released next : Take into account the real number of guildmates, instead of 50

Two commands, one for Light Side TB and one for Dark Side TB

Ex : %tb gp ls

Ex : %tb gp ds

Territory Battles : Platoons

You can check which player of your guild has a specific unit at a given star level.

Looking for a 7 stars B1 Battle Droid ?
Ex: %tb platoon chars B1 7*

Looking for a 5 stars Han’s Millennium Falcon ?
Ex: %tb platoon ships Han's Millennium Falcon 5*

Mods Advisor

Looking for which mods to use ?
Ex: %mods Malak

If multiple choices are available, you get everything that fits !
Ex: %mods Yoda

Raids damage converter

You can convert damage <> percents on raids (heroic only for the moment), in different ways (applicable on every existing raid):

Answers with the damage dealt by going from 33% to 12% in phase 2 of the HRancor raid
Answers with the percentage to reach in order to perform 100,000 damage, starting your battle at 65 % on the Phase 3 of the HSITH Raid
Answers with the % corresponding to 30,000 in phase 4 of the HAAT raid
Answers with the damage dealt by knocking 10.3% of phase 1 of the HSITH
Returns the HP value for 6% of Sions’ max HP on the phase 4 of HSITH

Zeta Report

The bot will answer with the list of all your Zeta abilities.

Best path in arena

Want to know where you can land in arena with your five daily battles starting from your current position ?

That’s just a command away :
Ex : %arena 27

Arena Payouts Tracker

Remembering shard mate’s payout can be difficult because of the multiple timezone around the world.

Our arena payouts functionality can help you with that !

Ask the bot and it will tell you in real time, when are the next payouts !

Ex: %payouts

To get it working, you need to configure it first but only “botadmins” users can do it. Check “Bot Setup” section.

Setup instructions below can be applied in different Discord channel so you can have different payouts list in each channel.

1 Add user to the list by using : %payouts add <user> <HH:MM> <emoji_code> <link>

The bot will prompt you to confirm or cancel. You just have to click on reaction icons.

Ex : %payouts add bobas 19:00 berlin flag_fr

  • <emoji_code> are discord’s available emojis (flag, smiley, etc.) but you have to remove the ” : ” (colon) surrounding the code
    For instance, ” :gun: ” must be ” gun “
    Use a gun emoji for users in your hit list, use a flag emoji for your shard mate or any emoji you want 🙂
  • <link> is any link you want to associate with the user.
    You can use link for instance so you can directly go to the page by clicking on the user’s name.
  • Getting correct timezone can be tricky but usually, you can just write the biggest city near your location.
    If you use an incorrect timezone, the bot will send you the list of all available timezones

Note : Prefer using timezone like “Europe/Paris” or “America/New_York” instead of timezone like “UTC” or “ECT”.
The latter won’t manage daylight savings.

2 Delete a user with %payouts delete 
Ex: %payouts delete bobas

Additional commands :

%payouts clear : Allows to completely wipe a channel’s data.

%payouts copy : Allows to copy data from one chanel to another.

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