Boba guilds are recruiting!

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Over 2000 members from all over the world have joined forces into Boba’s alliance. Don’t let the word ‘alliance’ deter you though, because each of our guilds are still run independently and have their own private discord channels.

The alliance has it’s own Discord server, hosting server-wide channels for discussing general gameplay and strategies, giving and asking for zeta advice, planning your next character farm(s) and much more!

In short, we offer a fantastic community with a wide variety of guilds to choose from.
Whether you’re looking for TW casual or focused, high TB stars or a smaller guild to grow with, we can find the right fit for you!

Currently, our guilds range from 15M to 290M GP, with our top guilds at 45LS/48DS stars for Territory Battles and 31 stars in Geo TB.
World wide raid times.

  • Discord is a must
  • Need to have a public
  • 600/Daily requested by most of our guilds

Just starting the game and want to hang with a bunch of cool people? Mustafar Fire Brigade is our starter guild.

Join our recruiting server with 70+ recruiters available 24/7 to find the right guild for you!

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