A Boba’s Alliance New Year

Published by Boba's on

We just had Boba’s deck the hall,
Now it’s New Year’s and we’ll tell it all.
High-five for blasters, low-five for stuns,
Watch Vader go around and grab your buns.

Resolutions galore, it ain’t just a lore,
Plans are made with you in store.
Both sides are plotting and planning so true,
While Boba’s decides should the uniforms be blue?

Guilds and members of an Alliance so great,
Sit around the campfire over a TW debate.
Wishes and dreams of a rebellion win,
While the other side wishes to toss down some gin.

But in the end, as the new year begins,
Boba’s Alliance is at the top with all the wins.
Fantastic members, through thick and thin
Come together and begin again.


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